H-1B Working Visas for Professionals

Employers in the United States that wish to employ foreign workers in professional positions called “specialty occupations” may file petitions with the USCIS requesting H1B visa status.

The temporary working visa (H-1B) allows professionals to enter the United States and accept temporary employment within their profession. This visa is often utilized by persons holding a four year degree or its equivalent such as engineers, teachers, accountants, computer professionals, researchers, architects, business managers, computer scientists and other professionals.

To qualify the alien must hold at a minimum a four year degree or its equivalent and have a job offer from an employer in the U.S. who offers to pay the alien the prevailing wages for the particular position. The H-1B visa is issued initially for a maximum period of three years with extensions available for up to six years.

The visa is subject to annual quota restrictions and is often sought by foreign nationals who have completed their professional training either in the United States or abroad.

Due to the quota or limit on the number of visas available, there is often an unmet demand for the visa which caused the USCIS to hold an annual lottery awarding visas to only those selected.


H1B Visa Requirements





No Work Prior to Approval

Changing Employers

H1B Visa Quota

Spouse & Children Not Allowed to work

H1B Visa Procedure
Step 1: Prevailing Wage

Foreign Labor Certification Data Center

Step 2: LCA. Form ETA 9035

Step 3: Form I-129

Required Documents

Specialty Occupation